Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crazy 3 weeks

I know I haven't written in what seems like forever. It has truly been a crazy couple of weeks here. We had two ice storms right after another and now a week later its so hot i went swimming today! So to update yall on what I've been doing I've got a few pics.

This is a fountain that froze over during our crazy week of cold here in Houston. This is about a block from the corner of Shepherd and Kirby.

Spring is here so I went to Sally's and bought enough supplies to give everyone in my apartment building a hardcore pedicure. Ok so...I got a little excited...but now I have pretty feet!I also started my spring herb garden. The only place I could find anyone that had gardening supplies already out was Walmart. God bless Walmart! The first picture is a grown rosemary plant. At first I thought they didn't any seeds so I bought the actual plant, only to get home and discover that I had indeed picked up rosemary seeds as well. So now I'll have enough rosemary to last me awhile. The second picture is my seeding greenhouse. In about 6 weeks I should have sage, lavender, dill, basil, and thyme!
This last picture is the packaging for my monogram stickers/envelope seals. These went to Italy. They come in a handmade envelope, wrapping in baker's twine and parchment paper.

In addition to all of this, we have also planned our cruise! We have decided that we will pick stops in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico! All we need to do now is pick out our excursions. I'll post some of our options later and maybe yall can help us pick!

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