Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a Class!

Hello everyone! I'm back from vacation, rested and ready to get back to work. I'll post some photos soon for you to see, but first I wanted to share some news. I will be be teaching classes through Leisure Learning Houston starting in July. These classes will be affordable and I'll be teaching you how do make some of the items I make and post right here.

The first class will be called Snail Mail Therapy and is a combo class. The first half of the class will be an art therapy session where you will create art cards from scratch that you can send as post cards. This is my favorite part of the class because we will be getting a bit messy and crazy! The second half will consist of creating your own artistamp, which is actual postage just like you get at the post office, as well as your own rubber stamp and you'll learn several ways to create personal and artistic pieces of mail.

The second class will be bookbinding. That's right, I'm going to teach you how to make books just like I do. You'll come with nothing and leave with a book handmade by you...from scratch!

So if you live in the Houston area and you are interested in joining a class, you can click on any of the links within this post or go to and sign up in the arts and crafts section. I hope to see you all there!
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