Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Product Promotion for People who ate Poor at Promoting Thursdays!

I've been a member of Etsy since October of 2008 and I've made 5 sales. Not the best. Sure, I've made a few bucks at craft fairs and on custom orders for friends and family, but things aren't going the way I had hoped. What I want is to take my business full time. I want to be my own boss. And most of all I want more time to spend crafting and less time actually working for someone else.

So I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about how to promote my site and my products. I'm hoping that I can share what I learn with others. There are lots of people selling 'how-to make more money on Etsy' manuals, but if this stuff is so easy to master, how come more people aren't "selling more on Etsy?" And shouldn't this advise be free? I think so.

So I'm starting on my little advertising adventure. Sharing what I find. What works. What doesn't. And every Thursday I'll post my progress here! Join along, learn a few things too, or share your knowledge with others by way of a comment.

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