Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the works

Started working on a whole new batch of books this last week.  It seems like I have no problem with cutting my own paper and wrapping my own covers, but I'm not too fond of the rest.  Or maybe its that I have to drag out all my tools and equipment to finish them off (LOL).  Of course, this always results in a huge mess that has to be put away again.  And that's  never fun.  The most un-fun part is picking up tiny slivers of paper off the carpet that the vacuum misses.  I'm still finding paper from months ago!

Well if all goes planned, look for 4 new hand bound, Coptic-stitched books!  I'm very excited about one in particular.  It has an edgy flare.  Once again I've included black card stock which shows through on the binding.   Can't wait to reveal!

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