Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unfolded Treasure

This "book" has Japanese style or accordion pages. I absolutely love this book664397dee285__1247572463000 and will be sad to see it go. This was my first stab at an accordion book, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  I think the reason I love it so much is because its so different than anything I've done before, or seen before for that matter.  I love using materials made for one thing and changing their purpose!

I started with a cigar box I found at an antique shop.  It was so ugly and a kid had colored all over it.  So all aesthetic value had been lost.  Plus to be honest, even though this box was "vintage," it wasn't older than 30 years or so.  So the challenge was to cover it.  I used a dictionary that a1f9b71089e8__1247572056000I've had a long time now.  Its pages are beautifly weathered and aged.   It felt like such a shame to let the dictionary and the box go to waste, so I put them to better use. I modge podged the two together and added some decorative stamps to give it some flare.

I also put a red ribbon inside the box as a nice accent, but also to serve a very useful purpose.   This ribbon can be used to mark your place like a journal, or hold pages while you use the book as a display.  You can also take the pages 4c2170002769__1247572384000completely out of the book altogether.

There are just so many uses for this book. It can stand on its side and the pages can be pulled out to display photos11f4980fcbab__1247572449000 or art work. The best part about  continuous pages like this, is that you can use as many as you need to create your art.

Additional Information:

This book contains 100 pages of heavy weight sketch paper when just using the front of the pages, and 200 pages when using front and back. It measures approximately 8.5x6 inches.

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