Monday, November 23, 2009

About Lonely Paper Designs

Lonely Paper Designs was created by Audrey Stanley in 2007. We originally started with just simple booking binding. Since then, Lonely Paper has evolved and we now create several varieties in hand bound journals, postcards, greeting cards, tags, and photo frames. We've recently added a new member to our team as well, Jillian Poole! We are constantly working on new and exciting creations to bring to our Etsy shop each month for you to enjoy.

Audrey Stanley is a victim studies major at SHSU in Huntsville, Tx. She enjoys being outdoors, crafting, finding new ways to scare her cat (its ok...he likes it).

Jillian Poole has an Art degree from University of Texas and is currently working on her education degree. She enjoys crafting, buying shoes, and reminding her dog Lily to sit on the floor...not the sofa.

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