Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clothespins! Who Knew?!

When David M. Smith invented the two-prong clothes pin in 1854, I bet he never imagined that they would be such a big hit with crafters in 2011. I was recently inspired by a post I saw on nobiggie about hanging multiple clipboards on the wall to organize your home office or craft nook. Living in a tiny apartment means you have to use every single space available, which means all vertical spaces too!

I modified this idea a bit by using clothes pins instead. Here's
what you'll need:
Clothespins (find these are Walmart, Target, or any craft store)
Command strips (these are a must if you rent! I use them EVERYWHERE and for EVERYTHING)
If you want, you can personalize your clothes pins. Paint, decoupage, go crazy! Start by cutting the Command strips down the center so they fit the clothespin better.

Press and hold for 30 second to make sure they bond. Next, do the same to the wall. Press and hold the clothespin with command strip to the wall for a good 30 seconds to make sure they really bond. Wait about 24 hours before hanging anything from the clothespins. Sometimes the weight can cause the command strip not to adhere to the wall.

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