Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Modern: Wines Crates

I recently moved and the best way to describe our storage situation is:  strange.  We have an over abundance in the bathroom and not enough in the kitchen, with a strange cabinet on the other side of the bar where we store our pots and pans.  In the process of moving, I forgot to remove my shelves from the old apartment.  It was a sad sad day when I realized that I had no place to put all my do-dad's and foo-fa's.

So imagine my excitement when I found three wooden crates at an estate sale.  I had seen pictures of this while stumbling online and thought, "Hey what an great idea....I can do that!"  So I did....

I've also fell in love with peacock blue and basically covered everything that would stand still in the color.  I tried to paint Yoda but he was having none of it!  I slapped paint all over the crates like a 3 year old and the result was nothing short of imperfect....or perfectly rustic as some would say.

Here are some other great wine crate storage ideas!

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