Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're Invited to Carve-a-thon 2011!

Join us every Friday in October for some pumpkin carving goodness!

To sign up, please leave a comment below with your blog address letting me know you want to join in the fun!

Just a few simple rules:

1.  Please link up to my page using the Carve-a-thon banner in this post or the one posted to the left.  I'll also add you to my list here so others can visit you as well!

2.  Every Friday in October, myself and others will be visiting your blog for some festive pumpkin inspiration.  Please post something pumpkin related: carving, decorative pumpkins, photos of last years or this years pumpkin you carved, treats made from pumpkins, pumpkin beauty secrets, wear a pumpkin on your head!  Ok scratch that last one!

In addition to posting your blog on the left, every Friday I'll post my favorites here and link back to your page!

The sky is the limit so have fun and get some spooky inspiration in the process!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog to let me know about this! I can't wait to see all the pumpkin fun- awesome!


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