Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Possibly Pinteresting Wednesday: Message in a Bottle

While scoping out stuff on Pinterest a LONG time ago I found this awesome mail idea and tracked it back to Happy Mail on Giverslog.  I just have no words really....ok well I do actually.  BRILLIANT!  Yall know I love anything to do with snail mail and this takes recycling to a whole new level.

Its a modern day message in a bottle!  But you can send anything, not just messages as you see on Giverslog.  She mails everything from school supplies to a flip flop and even easter eggs.  Yep, seriously, she just slaps stamps on the outside and drops it in the mailbox.  

This will be the first time I send anything "unusual" through the mail.  The cranky ladies at the post office hate me when I use pink ink on my packages, so I don't think I'm even gonna risk going into the post office with this one.  I'm just gonna drop mine off in the post box by my work and hope for the best!

The first one is for my camp friend Rachel, who I use to write to all the time! She's been on me to write here again so I hope she likes this!  I used an empty water bottle, some pompoms, and a long strip of paper with twine.  

The second one is for my friend Jill.  I started by wrapping the container with printed tape this time to hide what's inside.  I wrapped up her surprise in some yellow tissue paper and closed the lid tight.  This container was an empty gelato container that I had saved to help organize my craft closet (that was before I received the 100 baby food bottles i mentioned a few posts ago).

You want to make sure you use enough postage.  More is always better!  Also make sure the lid to any container is on super tight.  You can always tape down the lid if you need to for extra security but make sure to NEVER tape over any postage.  

I wanted to show yall one more than I'm making for my friend Soleil but the bottle isn't dry like I thought!  EEK!   So...I will post photos of that one later this week and update this post.  So come back and have another look soon!

I hope you enjoy and start sending your own creative mail!


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