Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Possibly Pinteresting Wednesdays: Breakfast "muffins" and a Shiny French Manicure

I know I'm late today yall.  I normally have these guys up and ready a few days in advance so they can post at noon.  But today..well this week has been utterly insane!

However I do have some fun and tasty treats for yall and I attempted to do a glitter French manicure.

Of course I originally found this on Pinterest but I traced it back to Kalyn's Kitchen.  Her egg breakfast muffins look amazing....seeee....

Mine did not turn out this nice.  I blame my muffin pan!  And not that was not intended as a dirty joke! It sure did sound naughty though, didn't it?!  Anyway....

The recipe is really simple and easy to modify.  I used less eggs in mine.

  • Kalyn says to use 12.  I only used 9 because that's all I had left over in my fridge.
  • Brown a pound of breakfast sausage.  
  • Add some shredded cheese.  I also added frozen broccoli since I didn't have any green onions or spinach, which probably would have tasted WAAAAY better by the way.  
  • Mix, mix, mix.  
  • Make sure you cover your muffin pan with some PAM or use cupcake liners.  This is where I went wrong!  Ideally one day when I decide to start making more grown up purchases (more cookware, less nail polish) I'll buy a silicone muffin pan so I can just pop those suckers right out of there!
  • Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  My oven is possessed so I only baked for about 9 minutes

And VOILA!  Here is how mine turned out:

They look really ugly but they taste amazing!  I've frozen them and eat 2 for breakfast every morning when I'm on my way to work, or take some along in a baggie if I'm running late.

Since it was Halloween on Monday I tried a little something special with my nails.  I apologize because I don't have photos of the process, but I plan to do another one soon so you can see each step.

Here is the finished product!  I used real cosmetic glitter and not glitter nail polish.  It was a huge mess but super sparkly!

I used 'Love My Blackberry' from Ulta and SallyGirl Sparkle Effects loose glitter in purple.  The glitter turned out more iridescent than purple.  Plus I don't have the steadiest hand so there is polish everywhere!

Do you have any suggestions of things you would like to see me try out?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Looks very delicious. <3 I also made such muffins for the birthday of a friend and everyone loved them. *Q*
    (Comment my blog ! - via Swapbot)


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