Friday, January 14, 2011


Watching 'Julie and Julia' and cutting out about a million envelope patterns. Watching a movie about a blog has inspired me to share more of the process of things that go on here on my sofa. Ok so...not everything that goes on on my sofa! But nevertheless, whether you want it or not, welcome to my process. The scissors have left imprints on my fingers....battle scars from a night of hard work. I've traced the patterns on paper from a role though. So as you can imagine...I'm cutting and its curling up and I'm trying to cut along the lines, and like a little kid of course I can't do it lol. I'm thinking....if only I had a machine to do this for me....but's what makes little guys special. I touched every single envelope (for better or worse!) and doing my best to make it look like it was a machine that did all the work. How ironic.

Another plus to cutting my own envelopes: the cats keep jumping into the scraps like they're a pile of leaves. They are having a blast.

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