Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter folding

This past Monday I had off from work for MLK day so I decided to take a break from my work here at home too. I keep promising my friends that I'll send them some art mail, and I never get around to it. Too many excuses and a lot of laziness on my part is how nothing ever gets sent. So Monday seemed like a perfect to get started.

I wanted to send a letter they way they used before envelopes were used to send mail. A letter was written on a single page or two pages and then folded up to act as the letter and the
envelope. The address was written directly on the back of the paper containing the letter and was then sealed, usually with a personal seal, to ensure it would not be read by anyone else.

So I've done just that. I start with two plain pieces of paper. I busted out my markers that are collecting dust and drew all over the side that would have the address on it. Then I got busy writing my letter. Back in the day...yes again I'm referring to the days before we had email.....people wrote about the mundane. What happened during their normal daily routine? They passed along gossip, riddles,
and notes about small personal triumphs. These days we don't do that any more, do we? Something has to be important to warrant an email...and then..what about snail mail?! When is the last time you sent snail mail?

After finishing my letter the folding began. I used a simple letter fold which you can find here along with a few more complex folds. One end of my letter folds into the other end creating a closure or catch. Once my
letter was folded, I sealed it with sealing wax and a personal seal.

FInally the letter is ready for an address,
stamp (always make sure you have enough postage when you send any kind of mail art.....the more the better) and to be sent on its way.

To find vintage mail supplies and folds please see the links provided above in the article.

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