Monday, October 3, 2011

Petroleum Jelly: A girl's best friend

I scored big time today!  I know what a lot of you are thinking.  "Isn't that a bit too personal to share with us Audrey?!"  Well get your mind out of the gutter!  That's not the kind of score I'm talking about!

I scored big today with Freecycle.  For those of you that don't know what that is, take a look at this post I wrote a while back.

I scored 75 baby food and other misc. jars.  For those of you that don't know, this is like the holy grail for crafters.  We need places to store all of our little doodads and foofums.  So I was SO excited when I discovered that no one else had claimed them yet.  

So of course, with every glass jar you get today, these came with a layer of sticky goo on the outside from the label.  We all hate that part, don't we?  It gets all over your hands and you can never get it off and its just ugly and gross and....

Yea well, you get the point.  So I'd like to share with you the Audrey Method of Sticky Grossness Removal (patent snatching!)  

Yes you can use, rubbing alcohol or acetone nail polish removed but those contain chemicals that can harm your nails and skin.  Or you could soak your bottles over night...or for days depending on the extent of white vinegar but that stinks.   On top of all this, all three of these methods involve scrubbing...and then more scrubbing.  

What I discovered today is not only GOOD for your skin but also requires less scrubbing and time.  Petroleum Jelly.  That's right...I said it.  

Cover your sticky bits with petroleum jelly and let them sit for just a little bit.  Use an old cloth, preferably one with ridges (I used a scrap from an old tank top) because it helps do some of the scrubbing work for you.  Make small circular motions and "massage" the jelly into the sticky stuff.  

You'll find that the petroleum jelly cuts straight through the sticky goo.  And TA-DA!  you've got a clean bottle...well almost.  I know what your thinking..."Ok Audrey, me and my bottle are all lubed up now"  Well no fear, just dunk your bottles in some hot soapy water for a bit or even run them through the dish washer and they are ready for use.  Now as for should probably take a shower or something.


}- Make sure you don't touch your clothes while covered in jelly.  It stains!

}- Also, don't touch your face or your hair!  Although petroleum jelly is excellent for hands and lips and well...other will clog the pores on your face resulting in blemishes.  If you get it in your hair, although it can be very moisturizing, it will take a few washes to come out.  NO BUENO!

}- Use a rag that you don't mind throwing away when you're done.  There is no point in keeping it now.  You'll have a hard time getting the jelly me on this one.  

}- While you're at it, dab a little on your lips and cuticles.  When you're done your lips will be kissably soft and your cuticles will have never looked better.  

}- Wear shoes!  The jelly makes the glass bottles very slippery and there is always a chance that one of those little suckers could slip right out of your hands.  Safety first.  

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