Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Possibly Pinteresting Wednesdays: Worm Ice and Mummy Cookie Pops

This Wednesday I've attempted 2 projects that I've seen on Pinterest. One easy and one that was a bit challenging. Let's be honest, making ice is pretty hard for anyone to screw up! The first project is one of Martha's and you can find it here.  This one only has 3 steps!

1. fill ice tray with water
2. place gummie worms in water
3. place in freezer and freeze!

Project 2 was a bit more complex and I think I was a bit out of my league on this one folks!   You can find the original here.  I'm not very good in the kitchen and this proves it!  But I had a lot of fun!

1. Perform Oreo surgery.

2.  Use melted chocolate to secure your sucker sticks inside.

3. Cover your cookies in white chocolate.

4. Draw on eyes and bandages using icing.

5. Fin.

I LOVE chocolate and Oreos and I can't believe I'm about to say this but, this little guys were way too sweet for me.  It was like eating pure sugar.  I'm sure kids will love them and they look awesome but you're a hoss if you can eat more than 2 of these bad boys.  I applaud you!

Check out a video of the whole experience below.  I cannot guarantee an outstanding or even articulate tutorial..but you may laugh...and laughing burns off the calories you just consumed from eating all those cookie pops!

Next week I will be attempting single serving breakfast muffin/sandwiches in a muffin pan. Technically they aren't 'sandwiches' because there is no bread involved...but you get the idea.  See you next week!

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  1. Such cool ideas. I love creepy candies and Halloween stuff. This is totally my style~

    (Comment my blog ! - via Swapbot)


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