Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Possibly Pinteresting Wednesdays

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How many of you have a Pinterest account?  If you don't have one yet you have got to get one!  This is a place where you can store all those great ideas you see on the web when you're surfing at work.  Yep....we know who you are!

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can store things no matter which computer you are on.  Its like a traveling bookmarks/favorites list.  And even better than a bookmarks list, it shows a visual representation of your pin or bookmark.  No more searching through links with strange names or forever-trailing web addresses.

Now this next question is for those of you that have Pinterest accounts already.  How many of you try or complete those DIY projects you see, hmmm?  I thought so.  Well I can't judge too much because I am one of you.

For this reason, I've decided to make a weekly post on Wednesdays about a project I've seen on Pinterest. I'm going to attempt and hopefully (cross your fingers) succeed.  And lucky you, you get to share in my triumphs/hilarious defeats.

Most of my Pinterest boards are covered in sewing and cooking tutorials.  Mostly because I'm horrible at both cooking and sewing.'re already thinking about how funny this will be aren't you?!  My go to tools are paper and glue...and sometimes scissors and paint.  But I'm gonna do my best to get out there and try something new.

Since its the month of October, my first few projects will be Halloween related.  Next week you'll get to see my worm ice project (above) via .  And these cute little cookie pops from

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