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Trick-or-Treating Tips and Tricks


  1.  Trick or Treat Pail via Polka Dot Pair
  2. Trick or Treat Pail via Polka Dot Pair
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  5. Trick or Treat Paint Bucket via Carrie's Cute Creations

Always have 1 or 2 adults present.  Don't have time to take your kids to every single house in the neighborhood?  Why not organize a relay system for adult chaperons.  Have each parent or team of parents take the group to 3 or 4 houses then trade off with another team who continues the trick-or-treating for another few houses, then trading off once more.  This allows parents to enjoy trick-or-treating with their children while also giving other parents a break to have "adult time" or prep of their own Halloween activities.  Its the best of both worlds" quality time and free babysitting!

Plan a route ahead of time and give kids a map to follow.  Make it a game; they can check off or color in the houses they have been to.  This way kids feel like they have some control over the fun and where they get to go.  Play Halloween bingo; you're squares can have things like 'a blue house,' a green pumpkin,' a jack o'lantern with round eyes,' etc.

Carry a flashlight, or even better, glow sticks.  Kids LOVE glow sticks and flashing lights.  You can easily incorporate this into their costume.  'Light sabers', 'magical glowing bracelets', and 'glowing wands' are just a few examples of how to accomplish this.  Try to stick to sidewalks!  However, some towns either do not have sidewalks, or the sidewalks themselves are not safe (ie. unstable concrete, overgrown foliage, dark corners)  If your path takes you down roads instead of sidewalks, you can sew reflective tape into their costumes to create better visibility for drivers.

Play the counting game when leaving each house.  Give each child a number and let them count off.  This works best for younger children.  As an alternative for older children, let each child create a silly word or name starting with each letter of the alphabet.  This will help you keep track of each child without creating a panic.

Wear comfortable shoes and carry a backpack with essentials.  This list is just a jumping off point to get you started:

  • first aid kit
  • extra shoes/socks
  • baby wipes for sticky/dirty hands
  • accident/emergency pants (small kids may be more focused on getting candy than letting you know they need the potty!)
  • a current photo of each child (God forbid you ever need to use this, but it comes in handy when a child wonders off)
  • cell phone/walkie talkie to call for reinforcements if needed
  • extra candy bags (reusable grocery bags are perfect for this)

Talk to your kids about safety and obeying the law before you leave the house.  Also come up with an agreed upon candy system.  Remind your kids that you will be checking their candy before they are allowed to eat it.  Decide on an amount that you see fit for them to consume that night.  Use the rest through the week/month for rewards or a special treat for doing well in school or helping out around the house.

Do you have any helpful suggestions?  Share your ideas and help make this Halloween a safe one!

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